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Our children teach us something every single day.  They help us to see the world differently; an empty box becomes a ship or a blanket and chair are transformed into a fort.  They teach us to be creative and adventurous; mushrooms and peanut butter together, why not?!?  Perhaps most importantly, our children can teach us to slow down (sometimes when we least desire, but most need to) and remain focused on the present moment. 

While they may keep us rooted in the present moment, they are also growing into our future.  Our children will become the doctors and scientists that find cures to diseases we haven’t even heard of yet.  They will be the teachers and professors who raise up generations that haven’t yet been born.  Our children are the business owners, politicians and community leaders that will steer the direction of our cities and our country.

Studies have proven that 90% of a person’s brain growth happens by the age of five.  Additionally, there is a growing amount of research showing that children who participate in complex, collaborative, pretend play are better able to regulate their emotions, implement creative problem-solving, and bolster their relationship-building skills.  Those who do that collaborative pretend play outdoors are shown to gain the added benefits of improved self-esteem, increased resiliency, and stress-management skills that positively impact their mental health into adulthood. 

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At a time when the average American child spends five to eight hours a day in front of a digital screen, we believe that all of these things make it extremely important that we do our best to prepare our children for their future. 


Here at Mothers’ Day Out Preschool and Community United Methodist Church, we take this charge to teach and help develop our children very seriously.  For that reason, we are incredibly excited to continue our fundraising campaign for a brand-new outdoor classroom!


Many of us may remember the days of our childhood when playing outside for hours on end was considered the norm.  In today’s world of prescribed playdates, practice sessions and structured playgrounds, many of our children are experiencing what has been coined, “nature-deficit disorder.”  Outdoor classrooms have been shown to build physically stronger children, improve cognitive, social and emotional development, improve sensory skills, lengthen attention spans, and increase both happiness and immunity! 

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